gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist 3rd May 2006

Fantômas – “Rosemary’s Baby” from ‘The Directors Cut’ (Ipecac, 2001)
Julie’s Haircut – “Satan Eats Seitan” from ‘After Dark, My Sweet’ (Homesleep, 2006)
Andrew Bird – “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left” from v/a cd ‘Foggy Fairytales – Volume 1’ (Foggy Notions, 2006); originally from cd ‘Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs’ (Fargo, 2005)
Dave Cloud & Gospel of Power – “I’ll Run The Jack On You” from 2cd ‘Napoleon of Temperance’ (Fire, 2006)
Bardo Pond – “Cry Baby Cry” from cd ‘Ticket Crystals’ (ATP, 2006)
The Nightingales – “Let’s Talk About Living” 7″ single (Fake Product, 2006)
Ariel Pink – part of “Pedestrian Pop Hits” from cd-ep ‘Pedestrian Pop Hits’ (Latitudes/Southern, 2006)

Rod Stern and his Raging Fingers live session
[Rod Stern – vocal, banjo; Graham – bass, vocals; Matt – violin, vocal]
1. “Hog Killing Blood Lust”
interview with Barry Stillwell (Tapestry Records)
2. “Hand of the Lord”
3. “The Rut”
4. “Rusty Train”
Rod Stern – “Chain of Hands” from cd ‘Give It Up For Rod Stern’ (Tapestry, 2006)

Bathtub Shitter – “Everybody Has The Wet” from ‘Dance Hall Grind’ (Super Hit Jam, 2005)

William Elliott Whitmore live session & interview
1. “One Man’s Shame”
2. “Dry”

The Mutts – “intro” / “Dog On Dog” from lp/cd ‘I Us We You’ (FatCat, 2006)

show presented by Chin Keeler, Shona Davidson and Kev Head

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