gLASSsHRiMP radio show 12th May 2008


live music this week from Skeletons & The Kings of All Cities – in Europe in support of their 2nd Ghostly album ‘Lucas’ (debut ‘Git’, 2005) – lead by co-founding member of Shinkoyo records, Ohio-bred/Brooklyn-based Matt Mehlan – the project retains that label’s core ideals of collaboration, experimentation, and unpredictability.

Skeletons has been compared to acts as diverse as Can, Prince, Sonic Youth and Boyz II Men? though fans of the Animal Collective will not be disappointed with the densely layered but odd arrangements.

Mehlan explains the lyrical content of ‘Lucas’ “There’s a beauty-obsessed king whose broom sweeps up all the leftover, unwanted people so he can fix them with his kisses and touch, make them HIS kind (and put holes in their bodies to squeeze God in). LUCAS became the town, the light at the end, the pot of gold, the emerald city AND the boy with hair flowing to his ankles from all over his body. He’s one of those unwanted, and when the King calls out for the cops to bring him a lock of hair from all families’ youngest children (to make a sweater), his family sends him off on his journey out of the city – to the Lucases, the Gardens of Eden, the freer nowhere places. To protect and save his hair personality, let him understand it, to return when he can handle the city and its intensities (people, memories, drugs), remove him from his curtained teenage room to where he can be beyond his hair. They give him a TV for comfort.”

show presented by sho’ time Shona Davidson with Mr Howard Aggregate



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