Howard Aggregate’s Late Preview #6

Remember the Dallas spin-off, Knots Landing? Now Calling All Pensioners has one too. It’s called Harry’s Bar and while not set in the sexual and financial minefield of Californian suburbia, it’s brim-full of glamour and intrigue. In tonight’s episode: Harry finds an abandoned zimmer in the lavatory.

Sword of Truth is Wednesday’s hard-hitting consumer affairs programme which, according to its website, ‘goes where You and Yours wouldn’t dare’. Armed only with a messianic faith in their own earnestness, the presenters go undercover in a Corsican heroin refinery and a Triad-Yardie poker game. See the website for details of visiting hours, funeral arrangements.

On Thursday Young Musician of the Year Runner Up Jonathan Flobwangler reads from his book The Birth of Slightly Swaying. This is an alternate musical history of the mid-twentieth century where, thanks to western teenagers’ insatiable demand for oboe-based chamber music, groups of guitars are not so much on the way out as never given house room. Set in the heart of Cambridge in a slightly swaying alternative sixties, the series follows the musical and light-petting progress of bachelor reed restorer St. John. In the dramatic opening episode, the Cambridge Chamber Music Festival is swayed to its foundations when a respected Viennese oboeist plays a late-night sax set. 

For those of you expecting an imminent return of our own Kev the Head (aka Ruth’s) extreme metal showcase Black Friday, I suggest you look again at the spelling on tonight’s schedule. Black Fridays is a programme by and about people who have had a really horrendous end to the working week. We kick off with a Cirencester family’s account of Boxing Day last year when the washing machine flooded the new kitchen, the Fortnum’s hamper was delivered to the wrong address, Mahler the Airedale ate the all the mince pies, and the terrorist cell lodging in their basement accidentally let off the chemical weapons cache destined for Parliament Square. The local garden committee was furious! 

Res-nav is a new in car psychogeographical navigation aid developed by Resonance in collaboration with the J. G. Ballard Appreciation society. Rather than a hectoring cow telling you to turn left into a septic tank, Res-nav employs a series of untrustworthy narrators to direct you into a dreamlike post-modern wilderness of motorway flyovers, abandoned swimming pools and crashed spacecraft. Experience it for yourself this Friday evening at rush hour. Also available on Nintendo. 


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