gLASSsHRIMP radio playlist 30th March 2009

Black Flowers, “Polly On The Shore” from the album I Grew From A Stone to A Statue (Bo Weavil, 2009)

My Cat Is An Alien & Encore Zaffiri
, “Improvisation no.1” from the album Through The Magnifying Glass Of Tomorrow (Atavistic, 2008)

Harappian Night Recordings, “Bare Cairo” from the album The Glorious Gongs of Hainuwele (Bo Weavil, 2009)

Beatnik Filmstars, “Slow Decay” 7″ single (Satisfaction Recordings, 2009)

Howard Aggregate’s live phone in

Benjamin Finger, “Howl (At the Buffalo Girls)” from the album Woods Of Broccoli (How Is Annie Records, 2009)

The Mores, “When A Man Loves Another Man” single (Ambiguous, 2009)

Svarte Greiner, “Dress” from the album Man Bird Dress (SMTG, 2008)

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