Howard Aggregate’s Late Preview #10

Tonight I bring you notice of what is surely the most momentous development in radio history since TalkSport was beamed across the galaxy to deter brain-harvesting aliens from colonising Earth. From this moment on, Resonance is changing the whole concept of TIME. Henceforth, the only clock that 104.4FM observes is a defunct 1970’s Texas Instruments radio alarm retrieved earlier today from a skip on Borough High Street (along with much of the forthcoming week’s programming).

The clock is a pre-digital model whose numbers flipped over, making the sound of an endlessly blinking electronic eyelid so guaranteeing nights of paranoid insomnia. There’s no flipping now. For whatever reason – power surges, spilt coffee, the death-throes of a trapped mosquito – the display has no relevance to the accepted 12- or 24- hour time scheme. Unlike a broken clock that tells the right time twice a day, ours is only correct when it’s 88 minutes past 88.

And that’s the right time right now. And it’s going to stay that way.

To celebrate the rebranding of Time – the greatest innovation in British broadcasting history since minutes were introduced in the late Thatcher period – we will be premiering a new show by Tripweed MacIndoe.

Since he was a small boy in the Cotes du Rhone region of Knightsbridge, Tripweed collected digital watches, confident that one day the world would tell the time from an LED or LCD display and he would be the King of All Time.

When the counter-revolutionary return of clock faces with hands held up that particular march of Progress, Tripweed became an embittered man –in several time zones, thanks to his early 80’s Pulsar Pilot ChronoCrunch. (This watch also features a memory, so it can tell you what time it was half an hour ago). To celebrate the new ResoTime he has recorded 88.88, an 88 hour, 88 minute long recitation of the displays on each of his hundreds of thousands of watches. While some show the correct time, others display nothing or superseded times, such as 3.56 – hah! remember that one! – and the despised 21.25. It’s an astonishingly varied piece of work and you can hear it from next Monday. Easy to remember what time to tune in!

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