gLASSsHRIMP radio show playlist 17th February 2010

Eagle Altar – “Addicted to Whips”  from split cassette album with Bugskull (Digitalis, 2010)

Anna Kashfi – “Drinker’s Song” (Little Red Rabbit, 2010)

Hey Colossus live in session (pt 1)

1.  “i am the chiswick strangler”
2.  “king come”
3.  “pope long haul III”

Gummy Stumps – “Cameo”  7″ A-side  (La Station Radar. 2010)

Super Vacations – “Henry”  7″ A-side  (Shdwply, 2009)

Seasons (Pre-Din) – “Track 2”  from Stars and Lights: Together We Fall (THY, 2010)

Neighb’rhood Childr’n – “Long Years in Space” (acta 1968)

Hey Colossus live in session (pt 2)
4.  “overlord rapture in vines part 9”

Digitalis label feature

Roll The Dice – “Guadeloupe” from LP Roll The Dice (Digitalis, 2010)

Imaginary Softwoods – “B3”  from Imaginary Softwoods 2LP (Digitalis, 2010)

Elm – “Nemcatacoa”  from Nemcatacoa (Digitalis, 2009)

Concern – “Heartsink”  from Truth and Distance (Digitalis, 2009)


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