gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist 10th March 2010

Cassette-only special

Richard Hell – “I’m Your Man” from  R.I.P (1984 ROIR)

Steffen Basho Junghans – “Part 1  Unknown Music V” – O Som Naha –  from A Hardcore Meditation ( 2010 Beartown Records)

Philmriot session (recorded on cassette – gLASSsHRIMP exclusive) part 1

“I heart my cassette player”

“Songbirds Return”

“The March Ten Knock Out”

The Tapeworm special feature (including interview with Philip Marshall)

Philip Jeck- “A4.30″ from  Spool (2009, The Tapeworm)

Stefan Goldmann “Lover” from ‘Haven’t I Seen You Before (2009, The Tapeworm)

Art of Noise – “Diversion 8” from  That was close (1985, ZTT)

Touch 33 – “Gending Gending/Suling”   from Island in Between (1983, Touch)

Fennesz – Excerpt from szampler (as yet unreleased, The Tapeworm)

Leslie Winer – “Low rez and double vision”   from & That Dead Horse (as yet unreleased, The Tapeworm)

Philmriot session part 2


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