gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 25th Jan 2011

radio show originally broadcast live on Resonance104.4FM (London)
this show presented by Scott McMillan, Bipasha Ahmed & Kev Head
listen here…

Transept – “The Demands of Levitating Heavy Stones”
from lp/dl TRSPT001 (Dronehenge, 2011)

the Lowland Hundred – live in session

1.   Salt Water Bathing
2.  Rest Harrow

the Lowland Hundred are Paul Newland & Tim Noble.

Rocket from the Tombs – “”bar fly track 9
from forthcoming cd Bar Fly (2011)
RFTT at ubuprojex

the Lowland Hundred – live in session
3.  Allt Glais

the album available now

Æthenor – “Laudanum Tusk”
from En Form For Blå (VHF, 2011)

the Memory Band – “Electric Light”
from cd Oh My Days (Hungry Hill/Spinney, 2011)

Motion Sickness Of Time Travel – “Mental Projection”
from lp Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious (Digitalis)

Bvdub – “These walls will always remember”
from cd/dl Tribes at the Temple of Silence (Home Normal, 2011)

Thomas Truax – “January Egg Race Dream”
from Thomas Truax’s Monthly Journal dl project (Psychoteddy/SL, 2011)
project blog
free download

Danny Saul – “Kinison (part 1)”
from Kinison-Goldthwait (Hibernate, 2010)


gLASSsHRiMP radio: preview Tues 25th Jan 2011

live music from Aberystwyth’s adopted sons the Lowland Hundred

gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 18th Jan 2011

radio show originally broadcast live on Resonance104.4FM (London)
this show presented by Scott McMillan, Bipasha Ahmed & Kev Head
listen here…

Broadcast – “Pendulum”
from Ha Ha Sound lp/cd (Warp, 2003)
Broadcast – “The Book Lovers”
from The Book Lovers EP (Duophonic, 1997)
Broadcast and the Focus Group – “Inside Out”
from Familiar Shapes and Noises 7″ Ghost Box Study Series 04 (Ghost Box, 2010)
Broadcast – “Corporeal”
from Tender Buttons lp/cd (Warp, 2005)

Trish Keenan  1968-2011

Parlour – “Sea of Bubbly Goo”
from Simulacrenfield lp/cd (Temporary Residence, 2010)

LOL – “Dare Me”
from Me Me 12″ album sampler (Nonplus, 2011)

Honest Jon’s label feature

Wasonga Muga -“Robert Opio”
from Something is Wrong LP comp (Honest Jon’s, 2010)
Ssekinomu – “Wireless”
from Bellyachers, Listen LP (Honest Jon’s, 2010)
T++ – “Cropped”
from Wireless EP (Honest Jon’s, 2010)
Actress – “Maze”
from Splazsh LP (Honest Jon’s, 2010)
Moritz von Oswald Trio – “Structure 1”
from Horizontal Structures LP (Honest Jon’s, 2011)

Usha Khanna – “Tera Jasia Pyara Koi Nahin”
from Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga:Aesthetic Expressions of Psychedelic Funk Music In India 1970-1983
(World Psychedlic Funk Classics, 2010)

gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 11th Jan 2011

radio show originally broadcast live on Resonance104.4FM (London)

this show presented by Scott McMillan & Kev Head

hear it here…

Mick Karn – “Beard In The Letterbox”
from cd Bestial Cluster (CMP, 1992)
[Bestial Cluster, the band was MK, David Torn, Steve Jansen, Richard Barbieri]

Mick Karn 1958-2011
photo copyright

*AR – “Return”
from Wolf Notes cd (Corbel Stone Press)
*AR is the collective pseudonym of Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton

Darren Hayman live session

1.  You Can’t Tell Her Anything (January Song, 11th Jan 2011)
2.  The Ship’s Piano
3.  Dagenham Ford

thanks to Markson Pianos for the ResonanceFM piano

Jon Boden – “The Snow It Melts the Soonest”
dl from A Folk Song A Day (self/Proper, 2011) – January 11th 2011

Cory Allen – “Blue Eyes”
from Pearls cd (Quiet Design, 2010)

Seefeel – “Dead Guitars”
from Seefeel (Warp, 2011)

Dag Rosenqvist and Simon Scott “Through Singing Wires”
from Conformists LP (Low Point, 2010)

Ex-Easter Island Head – “1st Movement”
from Mallet Guitars One, single sided LP (Low Point, 2010)

gLASSsHRiMP radio: preview Tues 11th Jan 2011

broadcast live on Resonance104.4FM & streaming from
live music from Darren Hayman

– unveiling today’s song from the January Songs project; see more about this in Darren’s words below…

Darren Hayman – January Songs
Darren Hayman has decided to write, record and release a song everyday during January 2011. Every song will be released as a high quality download and will be be completely free for a limited period of time.’It’s an experiment to see what will happen to my creativity. Being a musician is essentially an easy job and even though I consider I work hard I wanted to see what would occur when I imposed a strict discipline on my songwriting’.’I’m not expecting every song to be good or successful but I am expecting the imposed time restrictions to lead me somewhere unlikely and exciting. I have decided to release the songs for free because I also didn’t want any commercial considerations to spoil the party’. ‘I’m also tired of trying to work out how to make money from music. New fan funding sites have broken my heart with what they have persuaded musicians to sell. I thought I’d give it away and see what happens’.’I’m expecting to have the time of my life. I get to do my favourite thing every day all day’.’I’ve got a lot of my friends to help me out; The Wave Pictures, Terry Edwards, Allo Darlin, The Voluntary Butler Scheme and Ballboy as well as total strangers and musicians across the globe in virtual link ups. Trumpets, harps, saws, synthesizers, saxophones and Spanish Flamenco bands are all due to appear’.’As well as writing the songs I will draw, write and film throughout the days. Pages of my journal will be scanned and appear at alongside mini movies and the actual songs’. ‘On the 6th and the 30th Jan I plan to play live shows where I will play that day’s song. On 11th Jan I will broadcast that day’s song on Resonance FM’.

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