gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 7th Dec 2010

radio show originally broadcast live on Resonance104.4FM (London)

this show presented by Bipasha Ahmed, Scott McMillan & Kev Head

hear it here…

Heater – “Babylon”
from God and Hair lp/cd (Permanant Records, 2010)

Concern – “Mending”
from Cesarean lp (Arbor, 2010) cd on Slow Flow (Japan)

Iris Dement – “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted’
from cd Lifeline (Flariella, 2004)

live session: Philip Jeck

1. untitled improvisation

Bardo Pond – “Cracker Wrist’
from Bardo Pond 2LP/cd (Fire/3Lobed, 2010)

Jah Wobble & Deep Space – “Five Beat part II”
from cd Five Beat (30 Hertz Records, 2005)

Sohrab – “Zarrin”
from lp/dl a Hidden Place (Touch, 2010)


gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 30th Nov 2010

radio show originally broadcast live on Resonance104.4FM (London)

this show presented by Scott McMillan, Kev Head & Bipasha Ahmed

the Dead C – “Empire”
from Patience lp/cd (Ba Da Bing, 2010)

the Fun Years – “Breech on the Bowstring”
from God Was Like, No lp/cd (Barge Recordings, 2010)

live session: Clang Sayne

1. untitled improvisation

Marcus Fischer – “Monocoastal (part 1)”
from Monocoastal CD (12K, 2010)
dust breeding

Mike Shiflet – “Llanos”
from Llanos CD (Editionsshiflet, 2010)

Tobacco – “TV All Greasy (feat Anti-pop Consortium)”
from La Uti EP/dl (Anticon, 2010)

Demdike Stare – “Hashshashin Chant”
from Voices of Dust lp (Modern Love, 2010)

Khôra – “Body Apeture”
from Silent Your Body is Endless lp/cd (Constellation Musique Fragile, 2010)

Kawabata Makoto – “White Summer of Love Dreamer”
from White Summer of Love Dreamer lp (Blackest Rainbow, 2010)
Blackest Rainbow

gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 23rd Nov 2010

show presented by Scott McMillan and Kev Head

Cinema Red and Blue – “You’re Gonna Screw My Head Off” from cd/lp Cinema Red and Blue (Whats Your Rupture, 2010)

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – “Stained Glass Body” lp+cd/cd Love Is A Stream (Type, 2010)

Supersilent – “11.3” from Supersilent 11 (Rune Grammofon, 2010)

Mats Gustafsson – “Sources of Such” from lp Needs (Dancing Wayang, 2010)

Tompkins Square label feature

  • Harry Taussig – “Sugar Babe, Your Papa Cares For You” from cd/lp Fate Is Only Once (Tompkins Square, 2006)
  • Mike Fekete – “Birds on the Lake” from va cd/lp Imaginational Anthem IV (Tompkins Square, 2010)
  • William Tyler – “To the Finland Station” cd Behold The Spirit (Tompkins Square, 2010)
  • Ben Reynolds – “Skylark (scorner of the ground)” from cd How Day Earnt Its Night (Tompkins Square, 2009)
  • Bill Cox – “Fate of Will Rogers & Wiley Post”  rec 1935
  • Elder Curry – “Memphis Flu”  rec 1930
  • Grayson & Whitter – “Tom Dooley”  rec 1929
    3 tracks above from va 3cd book/set People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs, 1913-1938 (Tompkins Square, 2007)
  • Nick Jonah Davis – “Death and the Monkey” from cd May Fair Fortune Be Yours (Tompkins Square, 2011)
  • A Broken Consort – “A Mercy Kill” from lp/cd Crow Autumn (Tompkins Square, 2010)
  • Aaron Sheppard – “The Transmigration of the Old West” from va cd Beyond Berkeley Guitar (Tompkins Square, 2009)
  • Robbie Basho – “Venus in Cancer” from cd Venus in Cancer (Tompkins Square, 2006) orig lp 1969

gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 16th Nov 2010

Divorce – “Amuse Bouche” from split 10″ with Comanechi (Merok, 2010)

Yui Onodera and Celer – “The Street of a Rainy, Gray Day” from Generic City (Two Acorns, 2010)

J D Emmanuel – “Part IV: Expanding into the Universe” from Wizards: Music of the Memories LP (Important Records, 1982/2010)

Apparat – “Sayulita” from Sayulita EP (K7, 2010)

Charles Douglas – “Summertime” from The Lives of Charles Douglas CD (Broken Horse, 2010)


Arbor Records feature

  • Pale Blue Sky – “Attempt” from Shades of Gray 12″ (Arbor Records, 2010)
  • Acre – Excerpt from Monolith LP (Arbor Records, 2010)
  • Outer Space – “Removing a Hex” from Outer Space LP (Arbor Records, 2010)
  • OneohtrixPoint Never – “Zones without People” from Zones without People LP (Arbor Records, 2009)
  • Sun Circle – “Tambouras” from Lessness LP (Arbor Records, 2010)

Trash Kit – “How d’you do?” from Teenagers 7″ (Upset the Rhythm, 2010)

Clem Leek – “Mistletoe Lane” from Holly Lane (Hibernate, 2010)

gLASSsHRiMP radio playlist Tues 9th Nov 2010

show presented by Kevin Head and Bipasha Ahmed

Giardini di Mirò – “La Favilla” from Il Fuoco CD (City Centre Offices, 2009/2010)

Gary War – “Who & Why” from Police Water EP 12″/cd/dl (Sacred Bones Records, 2010)

Live Session: Lætitia Sadier

1. “Natural Child”
2. “Fluid Sand”
3. “Statues Can Bend”
4. “Lost Language”


Cinema Red and Blue – “Ballad of a Vision Pure” from Cinema Red and Blue LP/cd (What’s your Rapture?, 2010)

Crystal Stilts – “Shake the Shackles” 7″ (Slumberland Records, 2010)

Andrea Ferrari & Matteo Uggeri – “Friend Sleeping, People Swimming in The Pool, Doors,Workout and Water Bottles” from Autumn is Coming, We’re All in Slow Motion CD (Hibernate, 2010)

Sun City Girls – “This is My Name” from Funeral Mariarchi LP (Abduction, 2010)

Susumu Yokoto – “Patinated Room Key” from Kaleidoscope CD/dl (Lo Recordings, 2010)

gLASSsHRiMP radio Tues 9th Nov 2010

solo live session this week from Lætitia Sadier

gLASSsHRiMP radio: playlist Nov 2nd 2010

show presented by Bipasha Ahmed, Scott McMillan & Kev Head

Lætitia Sadier – “Fluid Sand”  from The Trip lp/cd (Drag City, 2010)

Irmin Schmidt interview feature

Can – “Mushroom” from Can Anthology: Remastered Edition CD (Spoon records, 2007)

Kyoto Imperial Court Music Orchestra – “Eteranku” from Gagaku: Japanese Court Music CD (Lyrichord, 1991)

Irmin Schmidt – “The Twins Duet” from Fantasy Opera Gormenghast CD (Spoon Records, 2000)

Irmin Schmidt – “Time The Dreamkiller” from Impossible Holidays CD (Spoon Records, 1987)

Irmin Schmidt and Kumo – “Kick On the Floods” from Axolotl Eyes CD (Spoon Records, 2008)

Leader of the Starry SkiesTim Smith (Cardiacs) benefit CD feature,
with guest Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs/Chrome Hoof/Guapo/Knifeworld/NSRO/Monsoon Bassoon/Mediaeval Baebes/Believers Roast records)

Cardiacs – “Foundling”  from 2cd Sing To God (Alphabet Business Concern, 1995)

Tim Smith, frontman, composer, producer of Cardiacs suffered a massive heart attack in 2008 that has left him in an extremely fragile state; two and a half years later he is still in hospital and friends really want to get him home. So a benefit album has been put together to raise money in order to hopefully do just that – Leader Of The Starry Skies will be released on the 6th December through Believers Roast featuring  Steven Wilson, Oceansize, William D Drake, North Sea Radio Orchestra, Knifeworld, Ultrasound and many more.

buy it here – make sure the music of Tim Smith & Cardiacs are part of your life!

North Sea Radio Orchestra – “March”
Julianne Regan – “Shaping the River”
both from Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith (Believers Roast, 2010)

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